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Rubber Products Distributor in Greenville

Air King Universal Couplings

  • Shank-Type Fittings
  • Pin-Lug Couplings
  • Foot Valves
  • Strainers
  • Pump Diaphragms
  • Menders
  • Brass Hose Barbs

Air/Water Hose

  • 200psi Air/Water Hose
  • 300psi Air/Water Hose

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Belt Accessories

  • Slide Lag
  • Skirt Board Rubber

Ball Valves

Blow Guns

Boss Couplings

  • Ground Joint Seal
  • Boss Male Stem
  • Boss Clamps

Cam-and-Groove Couplings

  • Everlite
  • Boss-Lock
  • Kamvalok Dry Disconnect
  • Goodyear Insta-Lock

Chemical Hose

  • Goodyear Fabchem
  • Goodyear Blue Flexwing Hose
  • Goodyear Green XLPE

CHR Tapes

  • Temp-R-Glas
  • Temp-R-Tape


  • Single-Bolt Clamps
  • Double-Bolt Clamps
  • Band-It Preformed Clamps
  • Scru-Seal Clamps
  • Band, Buckles, and Strapping
  • Band-It and Center Punch Tools
  • Worm Gear Clamps
  • Power Lok Clamps
  • Oetiker Clamps

Compressed Packing

Ducting and Vacuum Hose

  • Flexflyte U-1
  • Flexflyte L-9 – Two-ply, silicone-coated fiberglass hose with a helically wound spring steel wire embedded between the two plies.
  • Vac-U-Lok – Temperature Range: -65 F to 140 F; Construction: interlocked flexible EVA hose; Standard Colors: grey; Standard Lengths: 25 feet (2-inch, 3-inch), 50 feet (1 ¼-inch, 1 ½-inch); Size Range: 1 ¼-inch to 3-inch
  • Description:
  • Non-wire self-supporting construction
  • Great crush resistance and durability
  • Color variations available with 3,000-foot minimum order
  • Screw-on end fitting available
  • Spriatube TD-HS – Temperature Range: -40 F to 180 F; Construction: One/Two-ply vinyl laminate polyester fabric cover w/ enclosed spring steel wire and heavy-duty extruded wearstrip; Standard Colors: Black with orange wearstrip; Standard Lengths: 25 feet; Size Range: 3 inches to 12 inches
  • Description:
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Flame retardant to UL94V-O
  • UL recognized product
  • Ideal where dragging is involved
  • Odd-sized diameters and custom lengths available upon request
  • Custom color wearstrip available; consult factory for minimums
  • Super Vac-U-Flex – Temperature Range: -20 F to 150 F; Construction: High-strength, fiber-reinforced PVC hose cover bonded to coated spring steel wire; Standard Colors: Grey; Standard Lengths: 25 feet (3-inch and 4-inch), 50 feet; Size Range: 1 ¼-inch to 4-inch
  • Description:
  • Great for industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners and ventilating or cooling industrial machinery
  • Ideal for bilge pumps and bilge ventilation
  • Flexibility for easy handling and installation
  • Clear Vac-U-Flex – Temperature Range: -40 F to 200 F; Construction: Flexible, smooth interior 100% clear two-ply thermoplastic polyurethane material; coated spring steel helix encapsulated and bonded to hose jacket; Standard Colors: Clear; Standard Lengths: 25 feet; Size Range: ¾-inch to 6-inch
  • Flexaust Hose and Duct
  • Garage Exhaust Hose
  • Wire Duct Hose General Purpose _ Rubber Blower/Ducting Hose _ Style 620WD, 620 WD-WS, 640-OM, 630 ED
  • 900 Series Blue Genline Air Ducting Hose
  • 800 Series Gray Genline Heavy-Duty Air Transfer and Vacuum Hose

Ducting Hose

  • CVD - Clear Vinyl Ducting – Economical ducting hose
  • 9025 Thermoplastic – Good general purpose hose with good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Temperature Range: -60 F to 275 F.

Fiberglass Sleeving

Fire Hose Couplings and Adapters

  • NST Adapters
  • Fog Nozzles
  • Brass Nozzles
  • Wrench

Fire Hose/Mill Hose

  • Fire Hose/Mill Hose

Food-Grade Hose

  • Clear PVC Vacuum Hose With Wire (K7130 & K7160)
  • Clear WE (With Static Wire)
  • Clear Braided Hose (FDA)
  • Clear WT (FDA)

Food Hose

  • Goodyear Spectra Washdown
  • Poly-Wire Hose
  • Series WT (FDA)
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Clear Braided Tubing
  • Series WE Staticless


Hansen Quick-Connect Couplings

  • One-Way Shut-Off Couplings
  • Two-Way Shut-Off Couplings
  • Straight-Through Couplings
  • Flo-Temp Couplings

Hydraulic Hose and Couplings

  • Hydraulic Hose 1/4in-2in 6 Spiral
  • Hydraulic Couplings
  • Hydraulic Adapters

Internally Expanded Couplings

King Combination Nipples

Klinger Non-Asbestos Gasket Material

Legris Connectors

Material Handling

  • Kanaflex 180AR – Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant suction hose for vacuum trucks or handling abrasives such as crushed rock, sand, pea gravel, cement powder, dry fertilizer, iron ore, and grains.

Material Handling Hose

  • Goodyear Tan Flextra FDA
  • Sandblast Hose


  • 1/4 switchboard matting

Miscellaneous Hose

  • Marine Exhaust Hose – Novaflex Marine products have been a mainstay for the marine industry for over 30 years. All Novaflex hose is constructed to marine service specifications in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard, I.S.O., SAE, ABYC, NMMA and IMCI regulations. Products include conduit/ventilation, exhaust, fuel, sanitation, and water/bilge/livewell/drain system products.
  • Smooth Flex Hose – Designed for a wide range of demanding engine applications from water intake and engine coolant to marine wet exhaust. Its wire helix construction provides excellent flexibility and bend radius. Also an excellent choice for bilge discharge, toilet and holding tank connections, water discharge, and scupper lines. Meets SAEJ2006 R2 for marine exhaust hose.

Multipurpose Hose

  • Goodyear Gorilla Multipurpose Hose
  • Red Multipurpose Hose
  • Red and Black


Non-Asbestos Gasket Material

  • General Purpose C4401
  • Steam Sheet C4430
  • Graphite Laminate SLS
  • Expanded Teflon Soft-Chem


  • Strahman Nozzle
  • Spray Nozzles

O-Ring Instant Cement

O-Ring Splicing Kit


Other Silicone Materials

  • CHR

Petroleum Transfer Hose

  • Goodyear Black Flexwing Petroleum
  • Tank Truck Drop Hose

Pressure Washer Hose

  • Goodyear Blue Neptune 3000
  • Pressure Washer Hose

Protective Rainwear

  • Marathon Slicker Rainwear
  • PVC/Polyester Rainwear

Pump Packing

  • Teflon Pump Packing
  • Graphite Pump Packing
  • Kevlar Pump Packing

PVC Suction Hose

  • Layflat Discharge Hose

Rubber Stripping

Sealex Pipe Flange Sealant

Sheet Rubber

  • Butyl
  • Neoprene – These products are blends of neoprene, nitrile, and SBR rubbers. They are moderately oil resistant, for use as bumpers, pads, and in sealing and general gasket applications. These are commercial-grade materials, not recommended in applications where high oil resistance is required.
  • Buna-N (Nitrile) – Nitrile sheet is primarily used for applications where resistance to oil, solvents, and fuels is required. Garlock offers several styles of nitrile sheet, each carrying different specifications.
  • Natural (Pure Gum) Rubber – Garlock food-grade sheet is manufactured from Food and Drug Administration-approved ingredients. It is a superior, long-life sheet designed specifically for general gasketing, countertops, and skirting in all areas of food processing and pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing. Approved by USDA for meat and poultry processing.
  • Neoprene Cloth Inserted Sheet – Garlock cloth-inserted materials are designed to add stability where mechanical fastening is necessary, and to reduce gasket creep where heavy flange loading is required. For low-line pressure applications such as air, hot and cold water, saturated steam, and low-pressure steam.
  • Red SBR Rubber – Blends of natural and SBR rubber, specially compounded to be quick-sealing, nonhardening and heat resistant.
  • EPDM – Excellent general purpose gasket materials for air, hot and cold water, saturated steam, and exterior service.
  • DURAKING® – A general purpose, high-performance belt available in two-, three-, and four-ply constructions with covers of RMA grade II rubber.
  • FLEXKING® – A belt designed for severe service with tension ratings from 160-1200 PIW.
  • TECHFLEX – A straight-warp, single- or dual-unit construction with superior rip and impact resistance and with tension ratings from 220 to 1000 PIW.

Silicon Solid Rubber

Silicon Sponge Rubber

Silicon Tape

  • Strip-N-Stick


  • Commercial-Grade Rubber and Sponge
  • FDA Silicon Rubber

Special Sheetstock

  • Teflon Sheet
  • Viton Sheet


Sponge – Closed-Cell Sponge

  • Closed-Cell Sponge

Sponge – Open-Cell Sponge

Open-Cell Sponge Rubber – Possesses an interconnected cell structure, which will permit limited absorption and circulation of gases and fluids. Outer surface of the material is continuous (rather than porous) and exhibits good physical durability. Because air can pass freely between its cells, sponge offers a high degree of compressibility and displays fast recovery upon release from compression. Open-cell sponge is absorbent and should not be used where resistance to fluid penetration is required, unless protected with a surface coating.

SS Braided Teflon Hose

  • Teflon-Lined Stainless Steel Hose – Smooth Bore and Fittings
  • Convoluted Teflon/SS Braided Hose and Fittings

Steam Hose

  • Goodyear Plicord 250 Steam


  • PVC Tubing – PVC clear tubing. Hose Appearance/Construction: Clear PVC tube. Benefits: Nontoxic FDA formula; colored tubing available with minimum orders. General Applications: Water and light chemical transfer; approved for use in USDA meat and poultry plants. Temperature Range: -10 F to 130 F.
  • Polyurethane Tubing – Polyethylene is one of the most popular choices for low-pressure tubing due to its good flexibility, economical cost, and resistance to most chemicals and solvents. Our PE tubing is manufactured from high-quality resins and extruded to close tolerances.
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Nylon Reinforced Vinyl Tubing
  • Polyethlene Tubing Translucent
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Latex Tubing
  • Pure Gum Tubing
  • Rubber Sleeves
  • Miscellaneous

U-Channel Extrusions


Vellumoid Sheet Packing

Water Discharge Hose

  • Blue PVC Discharge Hose Layflat

Water Suction Hose

  • Rubber Water Suction Hose
  • Kanaline SR – Water suction and discharge hose for heavy-duty applications requiring combined vacuum and higher working pressures. Temperature Range: -13 F to 140 F; Applications: Heavy-duty suction and discharge hose for use in fish suction and rental/construction pumping. Construction: Flexible PVC, rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding, smooth bore, corrugated O.D.; Features: Lightweight and flexible. External helix provides for easy drag. Rated for both suction and discharge. Clear sidewall permits visual check of material flow.


  • Inner Seal